Crap Calendars

Crap Calendars

Sometimes, it’s all in your mind. If you think that you’re going have a crappy year in 2012, then chances are, you’re going to be able to subconsciously make that happen. So if you’ve already got such a (there’s no other word for it) crappy mindset for the new year that’s about to come, then why not just grab a couple of these Crap Calendars while you’re at it?

The images on the Crap Calendars will guarantee that you’ll be feeling crappy as you stare at the images of slammers, boring factories, and prisons. Need we say more?

Her Majesty’s Prisons of England Calender

Crap Calendars

Highly ironic (well, sort of) each quality calendar features 12 stunning shots of Britain’s finest slammers, gyratory systems and factories. You can almost hear the music from The Office and smell those heady fumes every time you flip a page. Mmm…bricks, concrete and asphalt!

Her Majesty’s Prisons of England:4th Year of Bird 2012
From imposing Victorian edifices like Wormwood Scrubs to more progressive but equally dismal ‘red bricks’ such as Bullingdon, this calendar serves as an ideal crime deterrent.

Best of British Roundabouts 2012
Featuring some of the finest examples of the one way gyratory, from the enormous, proud Cockerel at Deepdene in Dorking to the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award winner in York, this is the perfect gift for any Alan Partridge wannabe.

The Crap Calendars are available from Firebox for £9.99 ($16.)

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