Countertop Ice Maker

Countertop Ice Maker

It really was just a matter of time before somebody came up with the Countertop Ice Maker or at least something that can churn out ice within a short span of time. After all, there are instant noodles, instant houses, instant rice, instant soup… Considering that ice just as in-demand as those items, why not come up with instant ice?

It’s truly annoying to open the freezer and take a long peek only to realize that the last person who used up all the ice cubes didn’t refill the tray. So you’re stuck out on the lawn on a hot summer’s day with a drink that’s lukewarm at best. Well, if you’ve got the Countertop Ice Maker, then all you’ve got to do is fill it with water, wait ten minutes, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying an ice cold drink in an instant.

Countertop Ice Maker

Get yourself a Countertop Ice Maker and you can have delicious fresh water bricks in minutes! You’d be amazed how often you use ice when it becomes readily available – no longer the precious commodity (and huge faff) it once was, tucked away in the back of the freezer.Countertop Fast Ice Maker

There’s no need to plumb the Countertop Ice Maker in; just fill it with 2 liters of fresh water, set the dial to small, medium, or large ice cubes and then forget about it! You’ll have ice clinking in your drinks in just 10 minutes. It will keep churning out ice cubes until the ice storage compartment is full (or the reservoir runs out). At this point it will automatically go into sleep mode and beep, to let you know you’re not drinking your Daiquiris quickly enough.

The Countertop Ice Maker is available from Firebox for £148.99 with free delivery.

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