Copycat Scanner

Copycat Scanner

Have you ever needed to scan documents or photos while you were on the go? It sucks having to take pictures of papers and other materials that you need a copy of when you don’t have access to a desktop scanner or photocopying machine wherever you might be. But that’s where the Copycat Scanner comes in especially handy.

With the Copycat Scanner, you can scan any document or image anywhere you may be. It can scan high-resolution images of your papers (up to 600 DPI) and save them all to a micro SD card (which comes included with the unit, sounds like an added bonus in my opinion.) The best part, you can hook up the scanner to your Apple iPad to transfer the files simply by connecting both devices with the Apple USB Adapter. Now how’s that for convenience?

Copycat Scanner

Copycat Scanner

The Copycat is a handheld, portable scanner you can use to capture books, papers, photos and other documents on the go. This compact, high-resolution scanning device offers variable scanning resolutions up to 600 DPI and saves your files to an included micro SD card, so it’s compatible with a wide range of devices and can store thousands of scanned pages.

Copycat also has a USB cable so you can connect it to your computer for easy, drag-and-drop transfer of files to your Mac or PC. With a compact, portable design, Copycat is also a perfect companion for your iPad. Simply connect Copycat to your iPad using an Apple iPad USB Adapter and you’re ready to transfer your scanned books, photos, or documents!

The Copycat Scanner is available from Red5 for £79.95 ($125.)

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