Cool New Products Giveaway

Cool New Products Giveaway

Enter to win awesome Neatoshop Products in the Cool New Products Giveaway. Some of the cool items you can choose between if you win are pictured above: LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Watch, Vampire Wine Bottle Holder, Tardis Smart Safe, and the Chair Cell Phone Holder.

If you win the Cool New Products Giveaway, you can pick your own prize from the extensive selection at Neatoshop. Get things started by visiting to browse their product selection, and pick at least one item you want to get if you win. Post a comment to this page below listing the item(s) you would choose if you win. Then use the Rafflecopter Giveaway form below to earn/activate your entries.

If you are the lucky winner randomly selected from the entries at the end of this giveaway, you’ll have an $80 budget towards the purchase of up to 3 in-stock items from Don’t worry, shipping is covered too!

This sweepstakes is open to everyone 18 years of age or older world-wide, and you can earn up to 8 entries. You must enter by January 22, 2013 12:01 AM EST.

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Note that even if you already did something in the past, such as liking GeekAlerts on facebook, you can still add the entries for that task in this giveaway. Just make sure to keep everything active through the drawing period, because weโ€™ll verify the winner actually completed the required tasks for the entries. Use a valid email account when you enter so we can contact you if you win. GeekAlerts DOES NOT send spam emails, sell, distribute or share information with anyone. Read the Official Rules for all the legal details.

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198 Responses to “Cool New Products Giveaway”

  1. I like the hedgehog phone holder

  2. I’d love to have this… maybe opening it will restore my memories!

  3. T A R D I S ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I think the Star Trek Pint set would make a wonderful addition.

  5. Oh I’d like to get the Vampire Wine Bottle Holder for my mother! She has a small collection of wine bottles and this would make a great display item for Halloween.

  6. I want the green lightsaber room light…for my niece, of course…..

  7. Lego Star Wars watch? I’ll be the coolest guy in IT!

  8. Grimms’ Fairy Tales – Postertext

  9. I like the Large Present Sewing Kit, The Alchemist Lithograph, and the Titanic Shower Curtain!

  10. LEGO Star Wars and GEEK BATTLE – Trivia and Board Game are ubercool! I want both :”>

  11. hulk lamp!

  12. I need the Ceramic TARDIS cookie jar, especially if it’s bigger on the inside. I can always use Hello Kitty temporary tattoos. Who doesn’t need a Hello Kitty tat?

  13. I want the lego star wars watch!

  14. Love the Star Wars and Doctor Who stuff!

  15. I like the My Zombie Family Car Stickers.

  16. I would really like to win the:
    Trash & Recycling Mini Storage Bins,
    Samurai Umbrella,
    and the Jack Skellington Fur Hat and Scarf.

  17. Anything Doctor Who! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I gotta love those lego watches.


  20. Loving Tardis safe! What’s not to love?

  21. I like the little black dress apron, the glitter fishtank nightlight and the wolf spider mouse… I am scared to death of spiders and so is my supervisor… this might conquer my fear of them and I’m sure it’d be a hit at the office!

  22. I would choose the Tardis ceramic cookie jar.

  23. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) Reply January 11, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    This Typewriter laptop case is very cool

  24. Sonic Screwdriver Mini Torch Flashlight

  25. That vampire wine holder looks really cute!

  26. Lucky Cat – LED Flashlight and Keychain, Hello Kitty Quilted Bow Handbag and Zombie Bottle Opener!

  27. Doctor Who 11 Doctors mini set. DW Tardis mini set.

  28. Lego Star Wars watch

  29. The lego star wars watch is pretty amazing.

  30. I love the Doomed – Crystal Skull Shot Glass as well as the Black Patent Leatherette – Hello Kitty Backpack. Thanks for the awesome giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  31. – Bruce Campbell – My Name Is Bruce 12″ Vinyl Action Figure

    – Darth Vader – Together We Can Rule The Galaxy

  32. Thanks for the giveaway…Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray !

  33. I love the Ted Baker Typewriter Laptop Sleeve

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  34. I would get the Disney Toy Story Aliens Alarm Clock Radio and Star Wars Boba Fett USB Flash Drive

  35. The star wars chopsticks are cool!

  36. I’m conflicted between the Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver (Actual Screwdriver), Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch or Killer Bunny Slippers!!!

  37. I need Shamrock-Afro-Visor for St Patty’s day.

  38. I know it says in-stock items, hopefully some of the items I would want would be back in stock by the time I’d won the contest if I won.

    (not in stock) Peeramid Bookrest Dog: 29.95
    (not in stock) Koala Screen Wipe: $9.95
    Evil Pinwheel of Death shirt 2XL: $18.95
    Total: $58.85 before tax-hey look a palindrome.

    If the first two items didn’t come in stock in time
    Then I’d go:
    Evil Pinwheel of Death shirt 2XL: $18.95
    Horse Head Hat: $16.95
    Gray Faux Fur Trim Smart Screen Gloves: 19.95
    Total: $55.85 before tax.

  39. That I don’t already have the “LEGO Darth Maul Alarm Clock” is a tragedy!

  40. Lego Star Wars Stormtrooper watch!

  41. Large Key Gear Pin – Steampunk Accessories
    Neoprene Case – Camera
    Pickle Candy Canes

  42. the tardis USB hub looks pretty cool.

  43. Doctor Who or Star Wars ANYTHING!!!!

  44. Love the zombie backscratcher ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. i love the Hello Kitty – Leopard Laptop Case.

  46. I love the Hulk Lamp.

  47. I like the Darth Vader lightsaber room light and the Spider-Man Snow Globe

  48. Nerds get the coolest things!

  49. I would love to the cel phone chair, anything star trek or Marshmallow man pillow pet!

  50. I have yet to find a product on here I don’t love, however I would die for the Glo Color-Changing Nightlight

  51. I love most of the thing I see on GeekAlerts, Great things for me and for gifts !

  52. I like the LEGO Stormtrooper watch ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. I like the tardis safe!!

  54. I would love to win anything star trek

  55. Oh my gosh, I saw so many things I would love to have! The Cthulhu Tentacle Bottle Opener, the Moustache Letter Opener. And don’t even get me started on the t-shirts! So many cute novelty items, it will be hard to narrow down what I want if I win!

  56. I like the Hulk lamp.

  57. The Dalek desk protector

  58. the hulk lamp is my fave

  59. I like the Tardis phone

  60. My order will include a ‘twitter novel’ tee shirt

  61. Id love to win the Stormtrooper – Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe

  62. Lego Star Wars watch

  63. I would get all of the available zombiezoo plush

  64. I like the TARDIS smart safe.

  65. I would really like to win the:
    Trash & Recycling Mini Storage Bins
    Samurai Umbrella
    Tardis phone

  66. Doctor Who stuff please.

  67. would like to win

  68. I’d like to win:

    The Spinning TARDIS

    The Figural TARDIS Mug

  69. I like the Stormtrooper watch.

  70. I like the Doctor Who TARDIS Telephone and I Survived The Mayan Apocalypse T-Shirt. I really like the Geek 404 Error Mug until I realized that it has the word intelligence misspelled.

  71. I like the I Survived The Mayan Apocalypse T-Shirt and Doctor Who TARDIS Telephone. (I like the Geek 404 Error Mug, until I realized it misspelled the word intelligence.)

  72. I want the Tardis!

  73. Old Enough to Know Better … Too Young to Give a Rat’s Ass – Flask

  74. i like the dr who stuff.

  75. Stormtrooper watch.

  76. I like skeleton in casket 3D cake pan, care bears leplander hat pink hat, and the beatles coasters.

  77. Dr.Who and Star Wars!!!

  78. Princip Interactive LED Futuro Cube

  79. I want the green lightsaber room light

  80. Zombie Doorstop (Crawling)

  81. I love the Spinning TARDIS and the Figural TARDIS mug and the Dalek desk protector! Dr. Who is the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Anything Star Wars

  83. Love the star wars chopsticks

  84. I like the Simpsons Duff Pint glass.

  85. I didn’t see any prices, but I love thejames bond kindle case,theStar WarStar Wars Shot Glasses and the Plush Talking Princess Leia.

  86. The Lego Star Wars watch.

  87. Poodle Knit Baby Socks, They are so cute.

  88. the bacon wallet, the lego brick luggage tag, and a few others tbd ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. Want all the stuff! Well… would like all the stuff…

  90. I would pick the Hello Kitty Camo Shoulder bag

  91. Vampire wine bottle holder

  92. Lego Star Wars stormtrooper watch

  93. M-Cups Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Measuring Cups are awesome.

  94. star wars watch

  95. Thanks, the TARDIS is cool.

  96. Still wanting to get some of the zombie stuff!

  97. Rochelle Goyle – Monster High Scaris City of Frights

  98. I would get the zombie boy and girl monitor sitters for my keyboard monitor.

  99. i like the lamp selection, very cool!

  100. I love the hello kitty bath robe.

  101. I like the Light Saber Room Light

  102. My favorite is the Bionic Wrench. It would be so useful.

  103. i love the doctor who nano recorder, the doctor who scarf, and everything else doctor who.

  104. My son is a Halo fan and would love this Halo shirt.

  105. I like the Animal Scrubby Manicure Brush

  106. I like the Doctor Who Dalek USB Desk Protector

  107. Cool suff!

  108. Skull Plush Earmuffs
    Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

  109. Steve Dรฉgarie Reply January 20, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Hello, first time poster! That TARDIS smart safe already has a special spot on my living room shelf. It shall be mine! ๐Ÿ˜€

  110. Lego Stormtrooper watch.

  111. the smart safe is the only one i know.

  112. I want Bella’s Hair Comb – Twilight Breaking Dawn

  113. I love the Superhero Blocks belt, the Star Wars retro bowler bag, Geek socks, the Bazinga belt buckle, and so many others!
    thank you

  114. Leslie L. Stanziani Reply January 20, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    I would get the following:
    LEGO Brick 8 Storage Box
    I Flunked Anger Management T-shirt
    Whereโ€™s The Duct Tape? โ€“ Acrylic Cup

  115. One of my faves is the Frog Mario Tote Bag ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. I think this Bubble Gun would be well used and loved.

  117. I think my choices would be Love At First Bite – Salt & Pepper Shakers, the Breakfast is Tiffany poster and the Skellington Skull and Crossbones Decanter

  118. Tardis Cookie Jar and Tardis Book light. Our whole family is Who Crazy!
    thank you

  119. I like the Camaro (Fire Chief) Wireless Road Mice

  120. I would get a Doctor Who Baby Adipose Plush

  121. There are SOOOOO many choices, I would have to have help from my kids to choose. I like the hedgehog phone holder or anything Star Wars!

  122. green lightsaber room light looks nice

  123. I like the Madness Takes Its Toll t-shirt =)

  124. I like everything Star Wars!especially the wamapa rug!

  125. I would get the Doctor Who lunchbox just so I could carry it to work.

  126. I love the spider man plush slippers.

  127. i like the Star Trek Command Uniform T-Shirt

  128. I like the Wampa Plush Hat, Pajama Jack – The Nightmare Before Christmas Water Ball , and Oogie Boogie Plush

  129. Convertible Sweetheart Leopard Floral Apron

  130. I really like the R2-D2 USB Hub, though I prefer the TARDIS one which hasn’t been in stock

  131. love the zombie bottle opener

  132. I love the Jack Skellington Tote Bag

  133. anything with a tardis.

  134. I would get the Frog – Fuzzy Friends Slippers, the Cars 2 – Fun Floats Sipper and the Hello Kitty Purse-Style Tin Box – House

  135. I would get a couple of the zombie T-shirts,
    and the Zombie paperweight & bottle opener ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. I’d love to get the Hello Kitty Poodle Laplander Hat for my granddaughter.

  137. My son would go nuts for the Hulk Lamp

  138. I love the Dog – Fun for Feet Knitted Slipper Socks, the Cougar Fur Hat and the Faux Fur Trim Smart Screen Gloves

  139. The Star Trek Pint set would be awesome!

  140. I want Star Wars Glow In The Dark R2-D2 Alarm Clock

  141. I love the big top bookend, the lego storage head and the will return clock.

  142. My fiance would go crazy if I got him the Stormtrooper – Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe.

  143. I love the Star Trek Wood Coasters (Set of 4).

  144. I really like the OD-11 Cloud Speaker

  145. I’d like to win the LEGO Storage Head (Large).

  146. I might choose the vader purse

  147. I like the Darth Vader USB Hub.

  148. The Green Room Light would be cool for my daughter

  149. What a great site, I love their products. I like the zombie doorstop and the superman shield night light plus many more things.

  150. i want the Cat Teepee – Cat Playhouse

  151. Chair Cell Phone Holder.

  152. I love the 3d heart ice cubes!

  153. christal c willdebbie Reply January 21, 2013 at 10:40 am

    Dalmatian – Fun for Feet Slippers

  154. I like the Edgar Allan Poe magnetic poetry.

  155. Support Bacteria T-Shirt

  156. Ha I love the zombie chocolate bars. Also love their Glo Color-Changing Nightlight with Portable Glowing Balls and Bluetooth Handset Gloves

  157. I like a lot of their products! One in particular is the “save the ales” shirt!

  158. This place has some awesome stuff!

  159. I like the Lego watches

  160. I just love the Zombie back scratchier

  161. i like the Instant F You – Snow Globe

  162. If I win I would pick the Hot Cookie – USB Cup Warmer ,Giant Microbes Christmas Wreath and the
    Heart Cake Pan Set.

  163. I like the Star wars chopsticks,vader usb hub and lego storage head.
    Thanks for the chance.

  164. The vampire and zombie stuff. So cool.

  165. I love the Knights of Ni Plush Hat.

  166. Alien Facehugger Plush

    I need to face my fears

  167. I really like the batman belt- nightlight, Large Plush Bunny Pillow, and the Preppy Snoopy With Glasses Clutch

  168. Penguin Measuring Cups

  169. I like the Adventure Time Finn Hood Backpack

  170. My family are huge Big Bang theory fans and I would love to surprise my kids with the Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Plush Slippers!

  171. I’d love the TARDIS Ceramic Cookie Jar!

  172. i would like the Hello Kitty Metal Studded Handbag

  173. I dig the TARDIS Smart Safe, but it leaves very little $ for other stuff! Oh, no!

  174. There are several tshirts and some other items that are very cool and tempting….I CAN’T DECIDE!!

  175. Star Trek Future Captain – Baby Snapsuit

  176. any thing is fine thank you.

  177. Ohh I want all the bacon and frog stuff. All of it, okay? Heh.

    Really love the Hello Kitty Frog Laplander Hat .

  178. TARDIS – Ceramic Teapot
    TARDIS Emergency Fund Keychain
    Doctor Who Talking Keychain
    My kids love all the Dr who stuff!

  179. The Penquin measuring cups.

  180. Pig LED Flashlight and Keychain

  181. I would love the Wonder Woman – Pet Costume .

  182. I love the ninja barbecue

  183. I love the Tardis Teapot

  184. mickey and minnie hugging cookie jar

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