Conveyor Belt Sushi Shop for Dolls

Licca-chan Kaiten Sushi Restaurant

It is an absolute blast going out for sushi with the whole family. To get kids excited about eating sushi, they can start by playing with the Conveyor Belt Sushi Shop Doll Set.

Use your own Barbie and Ken dolls (and their kids) to make this toy come to life. This set doesn’t include the dolls; just the restaurant and accessories.

Let your kids set up their doll family at the VIP seats next to the restaurant’s conveyor belt and browse all the beautiful varieties of circulating sushi plates. There are stop and go buttons for the belt and an order button, a slot to deposit dirty dishes, and a tea dispenser that makes liquidy sound effects. It also seems that the toy will play the voice of the waitress speaking in Japanese.

The Licca-chan Kaiten Sushi Restaurant

  • Working conveyor belt
  • Numerous moving parts and sounds
  • Numerous types of sushi, plates, soy sauce, tea cups and more
  • Licca-chan dolls and shoes not included
  • Power: AA batteries x 3
  • Batteries not included

Imagine the lessons kids can learn by playing with this set. With some parental guidance, they will learn how to order politely, behave at a restaurant, speak a few words in Japanese, and how to help out with dirty dishes. Best of all, the toy will teach them how to become open-minded foodies who will graciously welcome new foods and cultures into their lives.

The Conveyor Belt Sushi Shop for Dolls is available at the Japan Trend Shop for $92 US.

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