Conversation Games

Conversation Games

Have you ever been to a party that was on the dull side, where one of the guests or hosts decides to pipe up with a corny (and sometimes over-used) joke to try to break the ice? A few feeble laughs are usually generated but these do little to liven up the party and lighten everyone’s moods. So if you happen to be celebrating a birthday or hosting a party where you’ve up some mean pasta or wine, then you might want to try Conversation Games.

Conversation Games contain a hundred sticks with questions printed on them that make good conversation starters or fun party pick-me-ups. Just grab a stick from the set and call on the other guests to do the same. It’s a fun and totally different way to get people talking again–in the good way.

Conversation Games

Don’t stick to the same old ice breakers at your next dinner party, pull out one of these three sets of conversation starter sticks instead! With over 100 question sticks per set, these games provide just the right prods to get your guests bubbling over with tasty tidbits about themselves. Available in three sets: Birthday, Pasta, and Wine.

Birthday: You can honor their birthday by stimulating warm, wonderful conversations and uncover the little things that make the man or the woman of the hour so special.
Paste: Dinner and entertainment! These linguini-shaped prompt sticks can turn a dinner party or weeknight meal into an extraordinary night of fun.
Wine: Get the conversation flowing at your next mixer with this set of wine-themed conversation starters.

The Conversation Games are available from Uncommon Goods for $20.

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