Cocktail Chemistry Set

cocktail chemistry drink set

Are you in need of a cool cocktail set that fits your scientific lifestyle?  The Cocktail Chemistry Set is perfect for anyone that doesn’t like to be ordinary.  Have some fun while mixing up the cocktails and dazzle your friends with tales of all the alcohol creations you have discovered.  2 oz of Gin, 1/4 oz of Vermouth, Olive…you get the idea.

cocktail chemistry set inuse

Cocktail Chemistry Set

  • Includes:
    • One Erlenmeyer Flask (7″ tall x 3.5″ wide, holds 20oz
    • One Shaker (6.5″ x 2″, holds 10oz)
    • Four Test-Tube Shotglasses (6″ x 1″, holds 2oz)
    • One Glass Mixing Rod (8″ long)
    • One Metal Bottle-Rack (5″ x 13.5″)
  • Adds a scientific flair to your next cocktail party

You can purchase the Cocktail Chemistry Set at Amazon from $31.50 and ThinkGeek for $34.99.  If throwing parties are your thing, remember to stock up on the cool Gummy Shot Glasses.

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