Clock Handbag

Clock Handbag

“Time Bag” is the name of this handbag that would even make Flavor Flav jealous.

They feature an actual functioning 8″ clock built right into them. Available in 3 different colors. Black, Red or White vinyl. Adjustable carry strap makes it a purse or shoulder bag. Uses 1 “AA” size battery.

Clock Handbag

The Time Bag can be purchased over at the Stupidiotic website for $18.

(Via The Red Ferret Journal)

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4 Responses to “Clock Handbag”

  1. I went to website for stupididiotic and can’t find these purses. I got one 24 yrs ago as a gag Christmas gift and want another for the same reason. How can I get this?

  2. Look great!
    But… this site… it doesnt working…
    Where else is possible to purchase this bag?

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