Click and Grow Computerized Plant Pot

Click and Grow Computerized Plant Pot

We all like plants in the house, whether to simply add some greenery or to grow your favorite herb. The problem for many of us is that it is hard to remember to water and fertilize them on the proper schedule, resulting in unhealthy—or even dead—plants. Get the Click and Grow Computerized Plant Pot for beautiful health plants without the constant work and attention.

This plantpot does not require regular watering; you let modern technology do the work for you. Instead of daily watering you just fill the water reservoir about once a month, and the microprocessor, internal sensors, and special software inside the Click & Grow takes care of the rest.

Click and Grow Plantpot

Click and Grow Computerized Plant Pot

  • Click & Grow will nurture your plant for you!
  • The seeds inside the cartridge are surrounded by internal sensors, a microprocessor and special software – no soil required!
  • The starter kit includes the pot, sensors, fertilizing system, batteries, instructions and a cartridge with software and Busy Lizzy seeds

Order the Click and Grow Computerized Plant Pot for £49.99 ($78/€57) at

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  1. the “aerogarden” works amazing and is the same concept only wayyy more serious. tried and true great results. also great for cloning..

    ps saw this on 😉

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