Classically Trained Retro Gamer T-Shirt

Classically Trained Retro Gamer T-Shirt

With new gaming systems like the Nintendo Wii U, and the expected arrival of the PS4 and new Xbox system, gaming just isn’t what it used to be. For some that’s a good thing, for others, not so much. If you grew up playing with Atari, the NES and classic Gameboy, then you’ll appreciate the Classically Trained Retro Gamer T-Shirt.

Designed by thehookshot, this t-shirt lets us remember a time when 8-bit graphics ruled and you didn’t have to worry about having ten different buttons on a controller to have fun. This graphic design features our favorite NES controller, an Atari joystick and the original Nintendo Gameboy.

Like all other RedBubble designs, this t-shirt comes in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. You can even choose to have it on a hoodie, poster or sticker.

Classically Trained Retro Gamer

You can purchase the Classically Trained Retro Gamer T-Shirt at from about $22.

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