Classic Troll Mask

Classic Troll Mask

I was feeling so lazy last Halloween that I just put on one of the suits I usually wear to work and went as myself. This year though, I’m determined to make more of an effort with my costume. And what better way than to dress up than as some freaky, creepy troll than with the Classic Troll Mask?

I cringe even while just looking at these photos of the Classic Troll Mask. There’s just something so eerie about them. Imagine pairing the mask with an eclectic wig and a totally loose getup to come up with the perfect Halloween costume this year.

Remember to dress up your pets too, although they’ll be a whole lot cuter than you will be in the Hot Diggity Dog Ketchup and Mustard Costume.

Classic Troll Mask

Classic Troll Mask

This is a hand made version of everyones favorite meme in mask form. This mask was hand sculpted, airbrushed and painted, as well as cut to fit yer head. It comes with 4 holes for breathing purposes – 2 in the nose and one on each side of the mouth of the mask. The latex goes all the way down to your neck to blend in seamlessly with a hoodie or other apparel! This mask sticks out and will easily be recognizable by anyone who was born in the intarwebz. It is the ultimate troll tool for live chats.

The Classic Troll Mask is available from U Jelly for $49.99.

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  1. Awesome mask for fans of deviantART, 4chan, reddit, *meme*, etc.

  2. Apparently this has already sold out – or they decided to raise the price $20 once they got some attention.

  3. I want to buy one!

  4. ich möcht auch gerne eine kauffen 😀

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