CLAP Pocket Digital Camera

CLAP Pocket Digital Camera

What’s small, fits into your pocket, and can take quick snaps and short videos that can be uploaded easily via its embedded USB port? Why, it’s none other than the CLAP Pocket Digital Camera.

Don’t expect extremely high-quality images from the CLAP Pocket Digital Camera as you would with the High Definition Time Lapse Camera, but do expect a whole lot of ease and convenience when you’re using it. It’s so small that it can pass off as a USB flash drive, much like the one you probably already carry around with you every day. It’s perfect for those who want to be able to capture memories and events as they happen, without having to lug around a huge digital camera that could really put a literal cramp on your style (and shoulder.)

CLAP Pocket Digital Camera

CLAP Pocket Digital Camera

This miniature camera is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure they don’t miss a single shot and loves taking pictures of anything that draws their attention. You’ll have a great time taking pictures of your friends, you can even take pictures of them without them noticing(it doesn’t make any noise and has no flash).

When you get back home, simply download the images onto your computer using the built-inUSB connector on the left-hand side of the camera. Plus, CLAP has a slot on the right side for a Micro SD Card (up to 16GB). Keep in mind that you need to insert a card in order to start storing photos or videos.

The CLAP Pocket Digital Camera is available from Curiosite for $77.86.

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