Cinnabon Lip Balm

Cinnabon Lip Balm

Who doesn’t love the world famous cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon? Yet due to the huge number of calories, we can’t just eat one whenever we have the taste for one. But with Cinnabon Lip Balm, we can at least enjoy a bit of Cinnabon flavor without consuming any calories. It would be great if you could apply this to your lips and make a low calorie snack more enjoyable, but that probably won’t work.

Cinnabon Lip Balm is $9.29 at Expensive, I know, but apparently this product is very hard to find. Other tasty lip balms are available to suit tastes ranging from Bacon or French Fries to Cupcakes or Mountain Dew. There’s even Spam Lip Balm.

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  1. This stuff is garbage. If you like great tasting balms try Buddha Balm’s Burnt Sugar Fig. You will love it and its natural!!!

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