Cinematographics Wall Mural

Cinematographics Wall Mural Star Wars

Looking to spice up your walls with something a little more unique than paintings or posters? A Cinematographics Wall Mural lets you bring scenes from some of your favorite movies right into your home.

These murals offer such an eye-catching look because they’re not made from a single piece of material. Instead, the images are created with carefully-placed geometric tiles that reveal a whole scene when viewed as a whole. The size of the mural can be customized to fit whatever area you want to liven up, and you can choose how long the art will stay in one spot by selecting either removable or permanent decals.

In addition to the Star Wars scene pictured above, there are a variety of other movies to choose from.

Cinematographics Wall Mural AmelieCinematographics Wall Mural – Amelie

Cinematographics Wall Mural Django UnchainedCinematographics Wall Mural – Django Unchained

Cinematographics Wall Mural DriveCinematographics Wall Mural – Drive

Cinematographics Wall Mural Joker in The Dark KnightCinematographics Wall Mural – Joker in The Dark Knight

Cinematographics Wall Mural The MaskCinematographics Wall Mural – The Mask

Cinematographics Wall Mural SkyfallCinematographics Wall Mural – Skyfall

Cinematographics Wall Mural Forrest GumpCinematographics Wall Mural – Forrest Gump

A customized Cinematographics Wall Mural is available starting from $50 at

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