Chill, Baby Mustache Pacifier

Mustache Pacifier

It would be pretty tough (some would say cruel) to stick an adhesive mustache on a baby and expect it to stay put. But if you stick a Chill, Baby Mustache Pacifier in your baby’s mouth, he will more than gladly sport a ‘stache. And DCFS won’t come knocking on your door.

What is it with this mustache comeback? Suddenly, everyone is looking like Magnum, P.I. We’ve seen grown-up men with perpetual baby faces grow mustaches in order to gain respect and seniority. However with the mustache pacifier, it’s more about generating laughter at your baby’s expense. No harm done, though. At six months and under, babies don’t know the difference between “laughing at you” and “laughing with you.”

Chill, Baby Mustache Pacifier

  • Includes: One Mustachifier Pacifier
  • Ages 0-6 Months
  • Chill, baby
  • Keep your kid calm and cool
  • WARNING!!: NEVER tie a pacifier around a child’s neck as it presents a strangulation danger.

The Chill, Baby mustache pacifier is made of clear silicone and non-BPA plastic, which means baby won’t be ingesting harmful chemicals.

Just think of all the different Halloween characters baby could become by rockin’ a ‘stache… Gomez Addams, Burt Reynolds, Geraldo Rivera, Ron Jeremy. The list goes on and on.

Find the Chill, Baby Mustache Pacifier by Fred & Friends from Amazon for under $10 and at for $12.

Rivaling the mustache are vampire fangs, which you can also find in the form of a baby pacifier. Check out the Lil’ Vampire Pacifier.

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  1. Found it In Italy and bought it!

    Great item and great gift!

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