Chewdriver Dining Utensils

Chewdriver Eating Utensils

If you’ve marveled at such products as the Dine Ink Pen Cap Utensils, Hopside Down Glass, Salad Wrench Tools and Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Wheel Saw, you might’ve thought to yourself, “What ever will Fred & Friends come up with next?” Here’s your answer: the Chewdriver Utensil Set, featuring swappable fork, spoon and knife bits. It’s a culinary spin on the indispensable interchangeable-bit screwdriver.

The orange screwdriver-like handle is designed for you to hold it with a macho grip. Perfect if you’ve failed at handling utensils properly in Dining Etiquette 101. This set is not intended for pinky lifters.

Chewdriver Fork Knife Spoon

The utensil bits stay in place by the force of magnets. Yeah, just like screwdrivers! Picture eating your ramen noodles and the noodle output you’d get after turning the fork a few times. Then when it’s time to slurp up the soup, attach the spoon bit and go to town. Or if you’re in a rush and nobody’s looking, just drink out of the bowl. We all do it.

Chewdriver Eating Utensil Set

  • Plastic tool-style grooved handle
  • Metal Utensil heads include fork, knife, and spoon
  • Measures 6 Inches Long

The Chewdriver Dining Utensils Set is available at for $16.99. Get two or more for $15.29 each and give them as a Father’s Day gift for your tool-loving dad this coming June. If he’s a carnivore, he might need two sets anyway so that he can effectively carve his meats.

This constructive dining utensil set is also available for $14.64 at

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