Chalk Mug

Chalk Mug

Want droids to bring you your morning cup of Joe? Then you might like the R2-D2 Mug. Too lazy to stir your own drinks? Then the Self Stirring Mug might be more up your alley. Want to leave messages or share your thoughts while chugging down your drink? Then you need the Chalk Mug.

The Chalk Mug is actually coated with chalkboard glaze, just like the ones on those blackboards in school or at cafes where they write down their menu or specials for the day. It even comes with three pieces of chalk to get you started. Just scrawl your messages, drink your coffee, and leave your cup for the intended recipient of your message.

Chalk Mug

Chalk Mug

It’s painted with a black chalkboard glaze, so it’s the perfect surface on which to write love notes for your spouse, the grocery list, or a reminder of your next appointment with the dentist. This mug is the ideal accessory for your desk at the office: use it to keep track of to do lists, remind yourself of calls you need to make or to leave your workmates notes.

You’ll save on paper, so it’s good for the environment. Just write and draw on the mug. To erase the messages on your chalk mug simply wipe it with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry. It’s like a miniature and more practical version of the chalkboard at school.

The Chalk Mug is available from Curiosite for $9.87.

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