Chain Wine Bottle Holder

Chain Bottle Holder

Holding your bottle of wine up a good few inches above the counter, the Chain Wine Bottle Holder almost looks like it’s defying the laws of gravity. The bottle holder looks similar to the Lasso Bottle Holder, except with a chain instead of the rope. Just as with the rope bottle holder before, this isn’t magic—it is a visual illusion. In this case the chain links are secretly welded together into an ingenious shape that allows it to balance normal sized wine bottles.

Even though there are no gravity-defying elements within the Chain Wine Bottle Holder, it will make a impressive addition to your home that will impress guests and turn heads for sure. It also makes a unique gift idea for a housewarming. Instead of a bottle on wine that will be consumed and forgotten, you can give this cool wine bottle holder that is likely to remain in a prominent place for many years.

Chain Wine Bottle Holder

Chain Bottle Holder

It’s official, the laws of gravity no longer apply. Up is now down and down is up. You better hold on to the floor too as the earth is spinning at about 1000mph, and this cool wine holder clearly shows that the basic laws of physics have been broken!

Either that or this is in fact an optical illusion created by welded chain links that cleverly counter balance the weight of a wine bottle.

Works with most bottle sizes.

The Chain Wine Bottle Holder is available from Red5 for £19.95. It is also available for $29.99 at

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