Carbon Dioxide Monitor

CO2 Monitor

This CO2 monitor for home usage does not only measure the current carbon dioxide levels in the air, it is also capable of checking the humidity and temperature.

When this monitor tells you the CO2 levels are over 1000ppm then it is time to switch on the ventilation and circuit some oxygen into the room.

Product Features

  • CO2 measuring range: 0-3,000ppm
  • Measurement precision: ±80ppm
  • LED display: -800ppm (green), 800-1200ppm (yellow), 1200ppm- (red)
  • Other features: temperature (0-50°C), humidity (up to 95%PH)
  • Data log: shows changes in carbon density over 24 hours
  • Weight: 183g
  • Size: 101×114.5×91.2mm (4 x 4.5 x 3.6″)
  • Power: USB, DC5V AC adapter
  • Usage environment: temperature 0-50°C, humidity up to 95%
  • Includes: AC adapter, USB cable

The CO2 Monitor from ambienTec is available over at the Japan Trend Shop for $462.

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  1. Too much CO2? This is seriously a problem in some buildings?

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