Captain America Hoodie

Captain America Hoodie

If you’re anything like me, you were outside throwing garbage can lids after getting all revved up and ready to kick some bad guy butt after seeing Captain America: The First Avenger, and now it’s possible to have the big guy’s look with the soft, comfortable, and oh-so-patriotic Captain America Hoodie.

Captain America looked super tough on the big screen but his suit didn’t look like the most comfortable thing in the world to wear; very stiff and way too many buckles to worry with. Luckily, you can still have the look of a hero while staying comfortable too.

Captain America Hoodie pose

This heroic hoodie, which happens to be officially licensed Marvel apparel, is 60% cotton / 40% polyester, with ribbed cuffs and bottom, and two front pockets. The hood has two holes cut out for the eyes, and Cap’s trademark ‘A’ and wings are stitched on.

Grab your Captain America Disc Launching Shield and defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of comfort with the Captain America Hoodie from for $59.99. This hoodie is also available for $65.99 from SuperHeroStuff.

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4 Responses to “Captain America Hoodie”

  1. Do you know of anywhere that still sells this?

  2. it would be awesome if there was a hoodie that looked like Thor’s armor, considering that there are already Captain America and Iron Man hoodies

  3. I have never seen them at walmart, especially for 20. I saw one today for 60 at hot topix, with a 25% sale for this weekend, making it 45. Their website has the same price. Very cool item, especially for a Cap fan

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