Canned Mopane Worms

Mopane Worms

Whether you’re preparing for the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse or just like to try exotic foods, things like the Tactical Canned Bacon, Exotic Wild Animal Meat and Reindeer Pâté all would seem to serve you well.

If you feel those aren’t enough to satisfy your wild side, maybe you’ll want to get a mouthful of the Canned Mopane Worms. Offering three times the protein content of beef per weight, these jumbo caterpillars are cooked in brine and baked in the African sun before being canned for your consumption. Food is going to be scarce after December 2012, so you might as well get used to eating bugs now while you still have a functional bathroom to run to.Canned Mopane Worms

Canned Mopane Worms

  • Favored snack of South African natives
  • Cooked, dried and ready to eat
  • Pound for pound mopanes have three times the protein content of beef
  • Harvested from a University of Pretoria-funded captive breeding project, ensuring the preservation of the wild stocks of mopanis

Stock up on the Canned Mopane Worms available at for €21.

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