Candwich Canned Sandwich

Candwich Canned Sandwich

Everything’s starting to be manufactured in cans these days. Aside from preserving food stuff for an extended period of time, it’s also portable and makes for easy carrying. And to add to your list which might already include the Tactical Canned Bacon, there’s the Candwich Canned Sandwich.

The Candwich Canned Sandwich contains everything that you need to make your very own classic PB&J sandwich. Just pop the can open, cut the bread, cut open the included sachets of peanut butter and jelly, and you’ve got your favorite snack on the go.

Candwich Canned Sandwich

Candwich Canned Sandwich

A Candwich Canned Sandwich is one tasty DIY treat, just waiting for you to crack it open. When you pop the top of your Candwich Canned Sandwich, you’ll hear an audible hiss of magic, and out will spill the contents to make one yummy sandwich. Oh, and you’ll also get a candy surprise (it’s Laffy Taffy – surprise)! And best of all, each Candwich Canned Sandwich has a 1 year shelf life, so you can stock up, build a fort of the cans, and then eat your way to um . . . not feeling hungry anymore! Candwich Canned Sandwich – magic (in the form of a sandwich) in a can.

  • It’s a DIY PB&J Sandwich – in a can!
  • No refrigeration needed.
  • Includes: white bread, 1oz grape jelly, 1oz peanut butter, 1 piece of candy surprise.
  • Shelf Life: approx. 1 year.

The Candwich Canned Sandwich is available from ThinkGeek for $4.99.

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