Calming Sound & Light Effect Flashlight

Calming Sound & Light Effect Flashlight

When the lights go out, a flashlight can be a soothing gadget to have, but the Calming Sound & Light Effect Flashlight does more than provide light to chase away a bad case of the willies. It also soothes your disturbed soul by offering 7 different nature sounds and 3 color gels that open up a world of rainbows for you.

You can forget about boring white light with this fun twist on an ordinary item. Use the gels to brighten your world with red, blue, or yellow light, or combine the blue and yellow gels to make green. Of course, you can always just leave the gels off if you need just a plain ol’ regular flashlight.

Need a little sound to go with your light? You can choose between ocean, tropical forest, starry night, spring rain, wind chimes, north woods, and gentle stream. It’ll be so relaxing that you’ll be reaching for this mood enhancer even when the lights haven’t gone out.

Calming Flashlight

Calming Sound & Light Effect Flashlight

  • One Flashlight per package, 3 light gels, 7 nature sounds with an interactive light show, and extra strong speaker.
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included).

You can chase away the dark, and the deafening silence, with the Calming Sound & Light Effect Flashlight for $4.50 (reg. $8.99) at

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