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Going somewhere with that bottle of bubbly? If you commute or go places a lot and are usually the one tasked to bring the drinks, then I think you’d find the CaddyO Bottle Chiller a worthy investment. Just put your drinks bottle into the chiller, zip it up, and you’re good to go without having to worry about getting to the party with a flat drink.

And if your drink is pretty warm to begin with, just zip it inside and wait around thirty minutes. When you remove the bottle from the CaddyO, it will be chilled just right.

CaddyO Bottle Chiller

CaddyO Bottle Chiller

  • Actively chills bottles in 30 minutes
  • Ideal for wine, champagne and soda water
  • Great when traveling or entertaining
  • Stainless steel waiter’s friend corkscrew included

Insert your bottle and keep it chilled for between eight and nine hours. The CaddyO Bottle Chiller even chills warm bottles in around thirty minutes. And it doesn’t just work perfectly with wine and champagne bottles – it’s great for soda water, other bottles and even cans. Simply place the CaddyO’s plastic cylinder in the freezer for between four and six hours to charge and then put it back in the protective insulating shell.

The CaddyO Bottle Chiller is available from Gizoo for £22.95 and at from $20.33.

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  1. Got one of these for my birthday! Too bad my favorite bubbly (750ml) doesn’t fit! USELESS, grrrr.

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