Buster Bowl

Buster Food Bowl

The Buster Bowl another bowl featuring a doggy theme, but this time, it’s meant for the dogs. You might recall the Man Bowl we featured earlier, which looked pretty much like a dog bowl that was meant for humans.

The Buster Bowl features a more obvious design and is meant to give your dog a less lonely time while he has his meals. Actually, the dog on the bowl reminds me of this Siberian Husky that my family and I adopted a few years ago with its blue eyes and beautiful brown coat.

Buster Bowl

We have a special message for your dog: Woof. Ruff, ruff, arf. Bark, bark.

In case you don’t speak canine, we said that eating out of this delightful doggy dish is almost like having a friend over for dinner. Artists Jo-Ann and Gerald Warren show off their puppy love by hand crafting these stoneware dishes, which can serve up either food or water. Handmade in Canada.

  • Materials: stoneware clay
  • Approx. 6″ dia. x 6″ H; 16 oz. capacity
  • The Dog Face Bowl is made using non-toxic glazes, that are dishwasher safe. Intended for dry food only.

The Buster Bowl is available from Uncommon Goods for $48.

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  1. Wow, it’s sooooo stylish, I want one! But is $48 a normal price for such a thing?

  2. Man bowl link isn’t working. Sounds like it must have looked pretty funny though.

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