Bury The Habit Recordable Coffin

Bury The Habit Recordable Coffin

How often have you wanted to bury a habit but found that you just couldn’t? But there’s a reason why that’s called a “habit”–you weren’t born with the tendency or urge to do whatever it is you want to stop. And that’s good news, because you can stop making that habit a habit, with a whole lot of effort and many more reminders, including those coming from the Bury The Habit Recordable Coffin.

The Bury The Habit Recordable Coffin is a quirkily shaped recorded in the shape of a coffin. Want to stop smoking? Quit drinking too much? Stop shopping and charging everything to your credit card? Then record a short note telling yourself to do just that and lift the lid of the coffin up ever so often to remind yourself that it’s time to quit and bury the habit.

Bury The Habit Recordable Coffin

Bury The Habit Recordable Coffin

The Bury The Habit Recordable Coffin has arrived to help you and your friends and loved ones finally put to rest all your annoying bad habits, addictions or things that you or they do that drive people crazy. Simply press the button and record up to 4 personal messages into the coffin. Maybe it’s to quit smoking or stop texting while driving. Then, every time the lid is lifted, the messages are played back as motivating reminders to stay the course and start living life unburdened by the things that are keeping you all from being shiny happy people.

The Bury The Habit Recordable Coffin is available from Baron Bob for $18.95.

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