Buff Baby Rattle

Buff Baby Rattle

Since a lot of us want our babies to become meat heads and have a successful career in ultimate fighting, it’s never too early to get them pumping iron right out of the womb with the Buff Baby Rattle.

Buff Baby turns Junior into a bench-pressin’ body-builder. Your little one’s curiosity will be piqued by the gentle rattle sound and natural hand-grips, while your sense of irony will be satisfied by watching Junior do 3 sets of 10. So…..work it, baby!

Buff Baby Rattle:

  • Lightweight novelty baby’s rattle
  • Gentle rattle sound and natural hand-grips
  • Safe for your baby: no phthalates or BPA
  • Measures approximately 14cm(W) x 5.1cm(D)

It’s a rough world out there, and mommy and daddy aren’t always going to be around to protect their little baby. Self-defense is key, but you gotta have muscle tone to back it up. Pump it up and show off them rolls!

You can find the Buff Baby Rattle at Z Gallerie for $8.95 and at Firebox for £8.99.

Also, when feeding Junior with protein shakes, this Illuminated Jetbib Feeding System will get them down the hatch lickety-split.

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