Brightest Single LED Flashlight in the World

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Neofab Legion II

The Neofab Legion II is the brightest single LED flashlight in the world with its amazing 742 lumens. It features multi-level dimming and new 4-layer PCB circuit board.

The product is available in two different versions: a very limited one with teflon bearings that will set you back $295 and a mass produced aluminum version for $179.

Neofab Legion II

Head over to CPF Marketplace for more info and photos of the Neofab Legion II flashlight.

(Via GearCrave)

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14 Responses to “Brightest Single LED Flashlight in the World”

  1. Very nice. I need this flashlight.

  2. Electronic Gadgets Reply March 15, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    Wow – when you absolutely, positively, have to have the biggest, baddest LED light around.

  3. Useful LED Flashlight Reply March 22, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    This LED Flashlight is very good! I just bought it at Tradestead not long before, there are many kinds of beautiful LED Flashlight , but I love this the most!

  4. It looks kinda bulky, I wonder how many lumens will be available in a year?

  5. The Standard version of Neofab Legion II has been produced. Everybody can get them as soon as possible.
    In this version, waterproof feature is enhanced, and dark grey finish looks quite good.

  6. I wonder if anyone has heard of metalite led flashlights. I just bought myself one such torch, a single led metalite model mt 3100. I can tell you its an impressive piece of kit, the brightest flashlight I have ever seen. 4 d cell led maglite flashlight cannot match it for brightness and range. Can anyone confirm that Neofab legion II really the brightest.
    Btw mt 3100 sells for about usd 40. It comes with a charger/ cigar lighter charger/ rechargeable battery pack and its quality and finish being equivalent to a maglite.

  7. Ps Mt 3100 has a claimed range of 800m.

  8. Excellent. This is exactly what I want to purchase.Please advise where and how.Thanks.

  9. Once again where do I purchase this

    • I’m not sure where to purchase that flashlight, or if it is still available. That post is over 2 years old.

      If you want the brightest torchlight around, check out the Torch Flashlight. The link at the bottom of the post works, where you can buy the most powerful flashlight in the world for $149.95 at Wicked Lasers.

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