Breo Sports Watch

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Breo Sports Watch

The Breo sports watch is waterproof to 10 metres and comes with a “permanently affixed natural rubber band made with the naturally occurring mineral Tourmaline”.

All you need to do is just roll it onto your wrist and forget about it. If you find that you’re surfing deeper than 10m down, then you need to work on your technique. It’s cheap, tough as old boots, and the perfect worry-free watch to wear when you’re larking about in the great outdoors.

Breo Sports Watch


  • A waterproof tubular watch.
  • Comes with permanently attached natural rubber Tourmaline strap.
  • Depth rating of: 10 metres.
  • Available in pink, blue and black.

The Breo Sports Watch is available in three different colors – black, blue or pink – from the I Want One Of Those website for £9.99 (About $15 USD).

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10 Responses to “Breo Sports Watch”

  1. wow. $15. That watch costs Php100 here in the PH. That’s around $2

  2. virtual world games for kids Reply May 4, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    Saw this watch at my local watch shop. Not exactly the same, but almost. It looks slick. Simple and sweet.

    It’s quite expensive though. For a simple watch i mean.

  3. there are now some funny and colorful face plates for these watches, called Popochos. they’re cool, seems to be the latest trend in italy.

  4. yes!!! I have bought 3 Breo and 2 Popochos, I’m cool 😉

  5. I bought one of these from the sports shop attached to the gym I go to, DW Sports. It was the XL one that is supposed to be water-proof up to 30m. The next day I woke up and got in the shower and the steam from the shower got inside the watch and stopped the display from working. I let it dry out and gave it another chance, this time at the pool when i went to the gym. It’s only 4 feet deep, so not even 2m, it filled with water and stopped working immediately.
    The only good thing about these watches is the 12 month guaruntee. Definitely would not recommend this watch, save your money and get a decent one.

  6. Don't buy it #2 Reply May 28, 2011 at 5:20 am

    Bought 2 of these in to make sure the first one wasn’t just bad luck.
    They simply don’t work (the time resets at random to 12am after about an hour or so). Have since seen many posts saying the same.

    Smart marketing as the price just low enough that it really isn’t worth the hassle of a returning it.

    It’s a lot to pay for a rubber band. Don’t go near it.

  7. this watch was horrible! it was hard to set and I got a little water on it, and now it doesn’t work

  8. How to set it, please. I am a french girl and I don’t have the note for this watch.

  9. nakabili ako nito sa dv 50 lang isa xD

  10. HATE IT! It wouldn’t even work! I took out the electrical parts, and put a photo in the clear part, made a photo watch! Way better than a “watch”!

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