Breakfast in Bed Vegan Fun Food Soap

Breakfast in Bed Vegan Fun Food Soap

Mmm, mmm, mmm. I love waking up to find someone surprising me with breakfast in bed. Of course, I rush to brush first before eating, but being served a scrumptious breakfast takes a whole lot of effort (which I make sure does not go unappreciated by returning the favor with a surprise, home-made lunch box.) The breakfast above looks almost too good to eat–in fact, it has me drooling–but too bad it’s inedible, because it’s actually a photo of the Breakfast in Bed Vegan Fun Food Soap.

It looks so real, it almost had me fooled. The Breakfast in Bed Vegan Fun Food Soap was carefully crafted by hand and looks almost too good to use. I don’t think I could actually use this stuff to wash my hands because it will start getting deformed and ruined…But something I wouldn’t mind seeing washed away, is the Poop Soap.

Breakfast in Bed Vegan Fun Food Soap

A perfect breakfast in bed consists of 2 deviled eggs, 2 strips of bacon, and a slice of toast complete with pat of butter. You’ll even find a sugar embellished flower for an extra touch. Great for Mother’s Day indulgence, a romantic gesture for your Valentine, or for anyone that likes something unique and fun!

Each piece is fragranced with our “Delicious” fragrance oil – perfect for food soaps. Great for men, women and kids alike. You’re sure to impress with this super-realistic treat!

The Breakfast in Bed Vegan Fun Food Soap is available from Fun Food Delights on Etsy for $17.75.

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