Boy Zombie Pillow Pet

Zombie Pillow Pet

At last, an undead zombie pillow pet. It’s a pillow, it’s a pet. It’s a Boy Zombie Pillow Pet. Use it as a pillow when you need one and a pet when you need something soft to hug.

Who knew that the Zombie Apocalypse would be so cute? This 15 inch x 17 inch all polyester pillow pet is all you need in a soft zombie friend. Just secure the Velcro strip for a cuddly plush zombie doll, or use it as a pillow. It is perfect for Halloween and is machine washable.

It is only $32.99 from Get one today and rest your head on the undead.

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Conner Flynn

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Conner has been blogging for major internet publications since 2007, has authored several Sci-Fi novels and short stories and loves geek/tech toys. His latest project is a new geek toy store over at where he hopes to make many geeks happy by making sure they stay young.

2 Responses to “Boy Zombie Pillow Pet”

  1. So, I have a daughter that loves zombies, and I really expected this website of all websites to not give in to gender stereotypes. Shame….

    • The post is titled “Boy Zombie Pillow Pet” referring that the zombie is a boy, not that the pillow is for boys only… here is a link to a “Girl Zombie Pillow Pet,” both of these Zombie Pillow Pets should be fun for boys and girls alike.

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