Bottoms Up Shot Glasses

Bottoms Up Shot Glasses

Here we go again, another cool set of shot glasses to add to that ever growing collection. You might have purchased the Doomed Crystal Skull, Bombs Away and TMNT shot glasses and should have tried the Gummy Shot Glasses by now; so we think you are ready for the Bottoms Up Shot Glasses.  They may look ordinary, but the cool calligraphy art displays a little message when the glass is right side up and flipped over.  Have too many shots in these glasses and the message is sure to bode true!

Bottoms Up Shot Glasses
drink up, drunk down

Each Bottoms Up shot glass is helpfully labeled “drink” so you know which side to fill. Knock it back and flip it over, and you get a similar-looking, though decidedly different message. This sort of typographic magic is called an “ambigram” — a calligraphic design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the same set of curves. Our curves have a third meaning as well: Hand over those car keys, buddy! We’ve packed two oversized 4-ounce glasses in each colorful gift box.

You can purchase these Fred & Friends Bottom Up Shot Glasses at from $8.

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