BookBook for MacBook Pro

BookBook for MacBook Pro

Your MacBook Pro is your baby and you want to protect it from the mean, cruel world out there. The BookBook for MacBook Pro can provide you with some much-needed peace of mind while offering protection and camouflage for your pal, Big Mac-P.

The BookBook is a hardback leather case that will give the impression to others that you’re just a bookworm that likes old books, while the two rigid covers and velvety interior provide plenty of impact-absorbing protection to the hi-tech wonder nestled inside. Even the zipper helps maintain the illusion because it doesn’t appear to be anything other than an ordinary bookmark. Because of the hand craftmanship and distressing, no two covers look alike, which just adds to the illusion because there won’t be fifty-bajillion identical copycats running around. Just don’t forget it’s all an elaborate act and try to accidentally return this ‘book’ to the library.

Hardback Leather Case for MacBook Pro.jpg

BookBook for MacBook Pro

  • Zip it closed and your baby is nestled between two tough, rigid leather hardback covers for a solid level of impact absorbing protection.
  • Each BookBook is brought to life with hand craftsmanship and distressing, ensuring no two are exactly alike.
  • From dual zippers with leather pulls, that at first glance look like bookmarks, to the sturdy reinforced hardback covers,
  • BookBook delivers the stealthy security. Slip your Mac inside the velvety soft, padded interior.
  • Tucked inside BookBook, no one will ever see your MacBook, even when it?s right under their nose.
  • BookBook is a vintage work of art built to protect modern day Macs.

You can get the BookBook for MacBook Pro for $79.99 from

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