Book Set Desk Clock

Book Set Desk Clock

It’s weird, but I always have a stack of something on my desk each and every time. Last Monday it was a stack of old Reader’s Digests that I was donating to the library. Yesterday it was a stack of reports and contracts that I had to look through and sign, respectively. But when all those stuff are going, I still have one stack left and I think it’s going to become a permanent addition to my desk. It’s actually the Book Set Desk Clock, and I plan on keeping it on my desk for as long as it works.

The Book Set Desk Clock is comprised of three colorful “books” places together side by side. It’s a quirky desk clock that can really liven up your entire workplace because of its bright colors. It definitely gives other desk clocks like the Z Clock a run for their money.

Book Set Desk Clock

Here’s a fun way to turn the page on your day with each passing minute. What at first glance is a set of three thick books really is a whimsical, contemporary-style desk clock! The Books Table Clock will brighten up any flat surface you put it on, but you’ll want to display it in a bookcase in your home or office for maximum effect. A fabulous gift for bibliophiles, this cool clock is sure to make your personal bestseller list!

  • Lightweight – Designed as Faux Paper Books
  • Runs on AA Battery (Not Included)
  • Quartz Movement

TheĀ Book Set Desk Clock is available from Retro Planet for $26.99.

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  1. Awesome! My wife works in a library and this would fit in perfectly. Gotta update the Christmas list now.

  2. Reply December 1, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Nice clock

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