Boba Fett Musical Snowglobe

Boba Fett Musical Snowglobe

The Boba Fett Musical Snowglobe captures an iconic scene and recreates it with a holiday theme to make it more in tune with this Christmas season. Instead of wielding some sort of intimidating weapon, Boba Fett is instead holding a gigantic candy cane as a weapon while guarding the frozen Han Solo.

Enjoy a hot cup of joe in your Hellboy Mug, give the Boba Fett Musical Snowglobe a good shake and twist to start the melody, and relax in your seat.

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Boba Fett Musical Snowglobe

Officially licensed and highly collectable, this gloriously kitsch curio depicts Boba Fett guarding Han Solo during his frozen-in-carbonite phase. Stranger still, Boba is brandishing a massive candy cane and the carbonite chamber is wrapped in a seasonal bow.

Put the Boba Fett Musical Snowglobe in any scenario and we guarantee it will elicit oohs and aahs from friends, relatives and even Corellian smugglers. Now all you need is a copy of the Star Wars Holiday special (non-geeks get Googling) and your Star Wars themed Christmas will be complete.

The Boba Fett Musical Snowglobe is available from Firebox for £32.99 ($52.)

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