Pulp Fiction BMF Wallet

Pulp Fiction BMF Wallet

Anyone who’s seen “Pulp Fiction” would distinctly recall that diner scene where hitman Jules (played by Samuel L. Jackson) has a paradigm shift and tries to be the “shepherd” leading a couple of moronic wannabe-robbers towards the path of the righteous. As the spastic couple point guns at his face, Jules calmly manages to get his wallet back from the robbers, describing his as the one that says “bad mother f***er” on it. (Perfect, because he totally lives up to his title.) He shells out a wad of cash to the robbers and considers it payment for his life, while the robbers make a getaway and everyone in the diner survives.

If you’ve always wished you could have that same wallet, now you can. The BMF Wallet just might get you out of a few sketchy situations, too.

BMF Wallet

  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Best Quality Embroidery Stitching
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Best replica embroidered leather wallet as in Pulp Fiction
  • Not Synthetic like others online

Basically, at GeekAlerts we get excited about any wallet that looks different from the rest. Just as we get confused by black luggage on a baggage claim carousel, we get confused by plain, black and brown leather wallets. It’s way easier to identify a wallet that has distinguishing characteristics, whether it has a catchy title, bacon print, dot matrix print, or if it looks like a cheeseburger.

If your wallet is doing nothing for you, may we suggest the BMF Wallet. It’s $23.50 from Amazon.com. It is also available in Black Leather.

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  1. I’ve had one of these for years, and it never fails to get a laugh from cashiers who have seen Pulp Fiction

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