Bloodpool Pillow

Bloodpool Pillow

Horror movie fans and practical jokers will appreciate this Bloodpool Pillow. Designed to resemble a pool of blood, this plush pillow will be good for a few laughs…or screams.

The Bloodpool Pillow is made from 100% polyester velvet with styro-bead and measures 17 inches x 22 inches x 3 inches.

Bloodpool Plush Pillow

Bloodpool Pillow

  • Pillow that looks like you’re bleeding
  • Manufactured by ThinkGeek
  • Materials: 100% polyester velvet, styro-bead fill
  • Care instructions: Spot clean with damp towel, allow to air dry. Do not put in a dryer.
  • Dimensions: 17″ wide (at widest) x 9″-22″ (depending on part of splotch) x 3″ thick

Have some fun at the expense of an unsuspecting roommate or sibling with the Bloodpool Pillow. $11.99 at

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  1. Definetely a “shut up and take my money” kind of thing. Specially for some boring college classes!

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