Big Knob Radio

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Big Knob Radio

This small AM/FM radio features an oversized tuning dial and a full complement of input and output jacks, allowing you to connect your CD player, iPod or other audio device.

You’ll be amazed at the great sound you’ll get from this basic AM/FM three-knob radio. It’s small enough for your night table, your kitchen counter – even fits on a bookcase shelf. Yet the sound is clear, crisp, and powerful.

This AM/FM Receiver is housed in an acoustically balanced, wooden enclosure that provides the kind of rich, room-filling sound one would expect from a large, expensive home hi-fi system.

Big Knob Radio

Product Specifications

  • Big Knob Radio is an AM/FM radio with a large, oversized tuning dial making it easy to tune in your favorite stations.
  • Telescopic antenna allows you to tune in to hard-to-reach stations.
  • Headphone jack for private listening.
  • Aux jack for connecting other audio devices such as MP3, cassette, CD players, etc.

The Big Knob Radio is available from the First Street website for $69.95.

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4 Responses to “Big Knob Radio”

  1. it seem very high-quality.

  2. This looks a lot like a Tivoli radio I have ( I have an older Model One table radio, and I love it!

  3. True Ashley, it really does. Cool, we’ve written about the “Model One” Crystal version earlier here at GeekAlerts.

    Thanks for stopping by folks!

  4. Yet, Jupiter Jack costs just ten dollars and when you buy on the official website you get a second one
    free at no additional cost, so just five dollars each. So, if you are one of the store owners
    then you cannot afford customers’ annoyance. Besides, your
    regular home or car radio will not pick up the signal.

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