Big Box of British Beer

Big Box of British Beer

I watch a lot of British TV and I always see them drinking beer brands that we can’t get here in the U.S. I always wonder what they taste like. Well, with this Big Box of British Beer, I can find check out what they are drinking across the pond.

If you want access to a variety of British beer that isn’t just from some mass produced brand name, this assortment is for you. You’ll get a great selection. Some are West Country summer ales, moreish best bitters from Yorkshire, or dark porters from London. It’s a great way to sample a taste of Britain without all of that travel.

UK Mixed Case includes 13 beers:

  • Saffron Brewery Squires Gamble 4.3%
  • Wincle Beer Wibbly Wallaby 4.4%
  • Great Newsome Brewery Frothingham Best 4.3%
  • Ilkley Brewery Ilkley Gold 3.9%
  • Williams Brothers Caesar Augustus 4.1%
  • Moorhouses Black Cat 3.4%
  • Marble Beers Dobber 5.9%
  • Bays Brewery Top Sail 4%
  • Boxsteam Brewery Chuffin Ale 4%
  • Thornbridge Brewery Wild Swan 3.5%
  • Atlantic Brewery Fistral 5.2%
  • Mordue Brewery Workie Ticket 4.5%
  • Oakham Ales Bishops Farewell 4.6%

Just $62.19 from Firebox.

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  1. Ooooo Workie Ticket, my utmost favourite. And for anyone who doesn’t know, a “Workie Ticket” is someone who annoys and irritates and tests everyones patience or “Working his ticket” 🙂

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