Bicycle MP3 Amplifier with Stereo Speakers

Bicycle MP3 Amplifier with Stereo Speakers

This MP3 amplifier with stereo speakers is easily fixed to your bicycle’s handlebars and will also protect your portable music player.

The 3.5mm connecting plug connects easily to all kinds of MP3 reader and has gold plated contact wires to guarantee high quality sound reproduction.

Colour black, the speaker has a rigid shell with padded internal and external surfaces for fall protection. The airtight shell is closed with a zip fastener, protecting your MP3 from damp and light rain.

The Bicycle MP3 Amplifier with Stereo Speakers requires 2 x AA batteries. The product is available from D-Mail for €19,90 (about $29 USD).

(Via Product Reviews Net)

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4 Responses to “Bicycle MP3 Amplifier with Stereo Speakers”

  1. That’s a massive speaker – I wouldn’t be able to fit that on my handlebar as I need lights, speedo, etc…

  2. mcintosh mcc406m Reply May 27, 2009 at 6:20 am

    will my Mcintosh Amplifier fit into this?? Lol

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