Bear Archery Crusader Bow Set

Bear Archery Crusader Bow Set

Recently we saw the Katniss Hunting Bow. It was a cool prop replica, but it was designed to look at, not to use. If watching The Hunger Games got you excited for a little archery yourself, check out the Bear Archery Crusader Bow Set. It is a complete archery set that is priced really low, so you’re not out much cash even if archery doesn’t end up being the sport for you. As long as you don’t take out anyone’s eye, it should be easy to get $30 worth of fun out of this.

Bear Archery Crusader Bow Set

  • Bear Archery Crusader bow set
  • Durable composite limbs
  • Kit Includes: 2 Safetyglass arrows; armguard; arrow quiver; finger tab; target
  • Bow Length: 51″
  • Draw Length: 20-28″
  • Draw Weight: 10-20 lbs
  • For right or left hand

Order the Bear Archery Crusader Bow Set for $34.99 at It is also available for just $29.99 with free shipping from This is quite a deal, as it is 40% off the regular price of $49.99.

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