Battlestar Galactica Little Frakkin’ Toasters Cylon

Battlestar Galactica Little Frakkin Toasters Classic Cylon

This limited edition Battlestar Galactica Little Frakkin’ Toasters Classic Cylon Centurion was designed by Battlestar Galactica special-effects artist Dustin Adair. It is cast in resin and chrome plated for a beautiful shine. Not counting the pentagonal base or the upraised rifle, this Cylon Centurion stands 6 inches tall. With exceptional detailing, such as the centurion’s deadly weapons and armature, this classic chrome toaster is sure to have collector demand exceeding the limited production of 1000 units.

Battlestar Galactica Little Frakkin’ Toasters Classic Cylon

  • Holy frak! It’s a classic-era Cylon Centurion!
  • The next entry in the Little Frakkin’ Toasters line of Battlestar Galactica collectible statues!
  • Depicts the Battlestar Galactica Cylons in a stylized design
  • Designed by Battlestar Galactica special effects artist Dustin Adair
  • Comes on a mirrored base shaped like the emblem of the Cylon race
  • Limited to 1,000 pieces

Order the Battlestar Galactica Little Frakkin’ Toasters Classic Cylon for $79.99. It is currently on sale for only $39.99 at, which is a great deal at 50% off.

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