Tactical M4 Battle Mug

battle designed mug

The Battle Mug is a mug fit for a warrior. It makes a great gift for a soldier. This mug is as tough and rugged as they are.

It is made in the USA, constructed of solid 6061 T6 billet aluminum. Built to military specifications, this mug has a M1913 rail interface system that allows you to mount a tactical light, laser device, holographic sight or even a bayonet. Be safe and secure while you get refreshed. A standard issue M4 carry handle is also included. This is a man’s mug. No question about it.

Battle Mug

Tactical M4 Styled Battle Mug

  • The most badass mug ever created
  • Made in the USA of solid 6061 T6 billet aluminum
  • M1913 rail interface system to mount your beer goggles
  • Includes a standard issue M4 carry handle
  • Individually serialized and limited edition
  • Fun idea: Bring your Battle Mug to an engraving store and get the bottom engraved with the name of your favorite soldier.
  • Love your mug: Hand-wash. Dishwasher detergents are very high in alkalinity, which will strip the anodic coating of your Battle Mug and cause permanent damage.

tactical aluminum battle mug

It will cost you $223.99 from Thinkgeek. Drink up soldier.

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3 Responses to “Tactical M4 Battle Mug”

  1. I’m highly amused that “the most badass mug ever created” — and priced at $223.99 — isn’t dishwasher safe.

  2. These are awesome, and I’ve been lusting after one ever since they were introduced, but I’m not willing to part with the cash. I wish they would offer a polymer version for those of us on a budget!

  3. I got one of these and I get a hard on and nut every time I drink from it! Bitch!

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