Batman Light-Up T-Shirt

Batman Light-Up T-Shirt

In July the the caped crusader will return in the movie The Dark Knight, and you will be able to add a little light to the darkness using Thumbs Up’s new and officially licensed Batman light-up t-shirt.

These high-quality shirts are made from 100% cotton and contain a small battery pack that powers the flexible panel on the front of the shirt to give amazing effects, ranging from a gentle glow to a pulsing strobe.

Batman Light-Up T-Shirt

  • Officially licensed Batman movie merchandise
  • Extra bright light-up shirts
  • Look excellent both day and night
  • Various flashing sequences
  • 100% cotton shirt
  • Small, lightweight battery pack requires 2 x AAA batteries
  • Available in both children’s and adult sizes

The Thumbs Up website has the Batman Light-Up T-Shirt listed with a suggested retail price of £19.99 (about $39 USD).

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7 Responses to “Batman Light-Up T-Shirt”

  1. For more Lightshirts you can look at the site of GeniuZ Flashing Products.

  2. Thanks for the link Mark, I loved that Alien light-up T-shirt.

  3. Oh I just love this shirt too but again, what happens when you get rained on?! Oh well I know a lot of batman fans that will just adore this page and I plan to share that is for sure.

  4. True Stephanie, I guess you’ll have to be careful with rain with a T-shirt like that.

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. I love shirts that light up!

    My favorite is the T-Qualizer.

  6. Cool technology is really getting better. I looked at the fiber optic jackets a while ago they added lights but were too expensive to make.

  7. I actually had this idea long time ago but really never thought it would be possible or didn’t know who to go through to pitch my idea. i also have many other great world changing ideas that I would love to pitch to someone so if anyone has or knows where or who I could contact to pitch some of my ideas in person in and around the Boston area hit me up @ [email protected]

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