Batman Cufflinks

Batman Cufflinks

We’ve seen some really cool Batman Cufflinks before, but now there are two new styles of Batman Cufflinks to choose from. If you really want to stand out in geek style, choose the cuff links with the black Batman symbol with the bright yellow background. For a more classy, understated look, wear the stainless steel carbon fiber Batman cuff links.

The round cufflinks measure about 0.75 inches in diameter, while the carbon fiber ones are about 1.6 by 0.4 inches. Both are an excellent choice when you need to go to a formal event in Gotham City.

Batman Yellow & Black Round Cufflinks are on sale for $14.96 a set at Also available from, the Batman Stainless Steel Carbon Fiber Cuff Links cost $59.95.

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  1. These are cute batman cufflinks to steal the crowds eyes. Looks catchy enough for them turn their heads. Got to have one of these.

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