Batman and Superman Beach Towels

Batman and Superman Beach Towels

Show your superhero style on the beach with any of these new Batman and Superman Beach Towels. There are 3 Superman styles and 3 Batman styles to choose from, so whether you are a fan of the Man of Steel or the Caped Crusader, you have cool designs to choose from.

A Superman Symbol Beach Towel? Perfect! Now anybody who asks you “Hey what’s that on your towel?” gets a wet towel super-snap! Unless there’s a starfish on your towel, always look first, no Starro, then super-snap. This towel features the classic, iconic, world renowned, and heralded symbol of Superman!

Superman Beach Towels

Does the term “action towel” seem a bit…odd to you? Well, take a look at this Batman Rushing Beach Towel! “Action towel” makes sense now, doesn’t it? This 100% cotton towel with it’s colorful graphics, fab Batman image and symbol is actually 30 inches by 60 inches! Now get in there and towel yourself off in an action packed, exciting manner!

Batman Beach Towels

Each of these Superman and Batman beach towels measure 30″ by 60″ and are made from 100% cotton. They come in the following six styles and are available for $14.99 each at

UPDATE July 2012: You can fin the Batman Standing Beach Towel, Batman Climbing Beach Towel, Superman Rocks Beach Towel, Superman Flames Beach Towel and Superman Symbol Beach Towel at for roughly $10 – $15.

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