Barack Obama Toilet Paper

Barack Obama Toilet Paper

GeekAlerts has shown you some funny novelty toilet paper in the past (Glow in the Dark, Alien, Maze Puzzle, Asses of Evil, Measuring Tape), and we think many of you will appreciate the Barack Obama Toilet Paper. Putting politics aside, this novelty TP will help you reminisce about “Change” and “Hope” when you are doing some serious thinking while doing your business in the bathroom. Anything that helps the world economy turnaround is a good thing, even if it involves the toilet!

Barack Obama Toilet Paper

Look who’s rolled out of the White House on his very own Barack Obama Toilet Paper. This hysterical presidential toilet paper gives a whole new meaning to “Yes We CAN.” This politically incorrect bathroom accessory features Obama’s mug on each sheet.

Whether your left wing, right wing or chewing on a chicken wing, we think you will find this an amusing political gag gift.

The novelty Barack Obama Toilet Paper is available at Baron Bob for $5.95 a roll and at from $2.99 a roll.

Just to keep things fair, you can also purchase Sarah Palin Toilet Paper for $4.99 a roll at

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