Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone 4/4S Case

Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone Case

If you are a GeekAlerts fan, then you are no stranger to Ballistic and their advanced smartphone and iPad cases. GeekAlerts has shown you the Ballistic Life Style Case and Ballistic Hard Core Case previously, and we expect the new Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone 4/4S Case to be just as impressive.

Ballistic is using CES 2012 as its official launching platform for their new LS Smooth iPhone case. Design for people on the go and made from strong TPU material, this case will be available in an assortment of colors and offer silicone Ballistic removable corners for added protection and customization. The LS Smooth line of cases is thinner and lighter than anything Ballistics has ever offered and still offers the unparalleled protection that Ballistics is known for.

“We experienced overwhelming positive feedback from our Ballistic LS this time last year, since it was unlike anything on the market in terms of protection, customization and convenience,” said Adam Stubin, VP of Business Development, Ballistic. “With the innovative combination of pocket-ability and superior protection, the Ballistic LS Smooth is the greatest smartphone case option.”

Look for the Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone 4/4S Case to sell for $29.99 at and your local AT&T stores nationwide starting in January 2012.

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