Ball Claw Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball Holder

Ball Claw Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball Holder

If you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, it is time to clean up and get organized. This would include cleaning up your garage and organizing your sports equipment, a job which would be much easier if you have Ball Claw Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball Holders.

Ball claws don’t just keep things in their place, they can help keep your balls clean and free of damage by keeping them off the ground. If you collect sports memorabilia, one of these would work well for displaying a signed football, basketball, volleyball, or soccer ball.

Ball Claw Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball Holder

The Ball Claw holder is a quick and easy way to organize sport balls in any garage, basement, or child’s bedroom. Preserve the life of basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs while displaying them in an organized fashion. Inside, outside, and in any kind of weather, the Ball Claw is THE way to display, organize, and preserve your sport ball collection. We think you’ll find the Ball Claw holder to be a perfect companion to your volleyball net, your soccer goal, or your basketball hoop system.

Purchase your own Ball Claws for $11.99 each at They are also sold at The Container Store and

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