Badass Zombie Killers Card Game

Badass Zombie Killers Card Game

In the Badass Zombie Killers Card Game the object of the game is to build the most badass zombie killing weapon you can, while sabotaging everyone else’s weapons. Hearing the Beastie Boys song “Sabotage” in your head while doing so is optional.

You play until you get an End card, revealing the fate of all the players. This is zombie killing fun that everyone will love.

Zombie Killers Card Game

Badass Zombie Killers Card Game

  • Build the most badass zombie killer weapons before the zombie hoard arrives in this fast-paced card game.
  • Stack up modifier cards to make the badassiest weapon around (ex. Gas-Powered, Double-Barreled, Laser-Guided Pitchfork).
  • To make sure the game is as fun as it can be, always say the name of your weapon after adding modifiers. Trust us. It’s hysterical!
  • Two different end-game scenarios: the Zombies arrive and the player with the badassiest weapon wins (and all others are eaten); the National Guard arrives and the person with the badassiest weapon is arrested.
  • Includes: 72 cards plus 6 Instruction/Information Cards.

It is only $16.99 from

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